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and Automate

Our team will partner with you to build or select the right software applications for your organization’s needs. Whether you’re a startup or a publicly traded company we’ll help you optimize, automate, and grow.

Let us guide you
along the way


Our strategic advisor services are geared towards providing long-term consulting support. We’ll help you plan and execute on a strategic roadmap that we co-author with your team.


Successful and sustainable growth is the product of great ideas paired with even better execution. Our strategic growth services provide both in spades.

Digital Transformation

An effective digital transformation integrates your people, systems, business processes, and data. Your business must adapt quickly in this ever-evolving digital age and we’ll partner with you to make sure you do so efficiently.

Change Management

Restructuring, acquisitions, cost-optimization, and new business strategy implementation all present significant risks if not navigated correctly. We’ve made the mistakes and learned from them, so you won’t have to.

Software Evaluation

A software purchase is an investment in your company’s future. We’ll help make sure you select the right tool so that your investment will pay dividends as quickly as possible.


Our implementation services are focused on rolling out new technologies ahead of schedule and under budget. We’ll get into the weeds while also staying connected to the broader strategic vision.

Analytics and Automation

All of your business systems should provide reporting visibility while also requiring as little manual entry as possible. We’ll automate the mundane so your team can focus on creating value.

Tool Optimization

Mature as well as fast growing organizations can quickly find themselves with an expensive software stack that’s being underutilized. Our optimization services can be applied to your entire IT architecture or to a single tool.


We love working with young companies to build out competitive teams and solutions. We’re open to filling gaps fractionally so you don’t take on too much risk too soon.


We’ll put some skin in the game. We’re open to forming a true partnership where we discount our services and share in the potential upside in some form or fashion.

Product Development

Sometimes the buy vs. build dilemma yields an unequivocal response of build. We’ll help you design, develop, and rollout software products for your business and your customers.

Let’s Get Creative

We’re always open to new ideas and new ventures. Don’t hesitate to reach out if you feel like you don’t fit the mold.

We architect business strategies and bring new ideas to fruition

- Theodore Roosevelt
"The man in the Arena"

Dare Greatly

About us

Arenafy was founded out of our love for problem solving. For us, “Daring Greatly” means never letting fear of failure prevent us from tackling a new project or beginning a new venture. We’re at our best when our minds are occupied solving an interesting challenge and our time is spent with people who elevate us to be better today than we were yesterday. In short, we’re a services firm that loves to roll up our sleeves and thrives on building long-term relationships.


Alex Leonard
After completing a degree in finance, Alex quickly found his way to a career in entrepreneurship. Alex has led software development teams as well as consulting engagements for Uber, ESPN, Cisco, the NBA, Lenovo, Coca-Cola, among many others. In 2022 Alex and Ryan sold their first company- a software and services firm in the analytics space.
Ryan Richins
Ryan enjoys engaging with customers throughout the entire digital transformation lifecycle and identifying systems, processes, and KPI's that drive positive long-term impact. Ryan has successfully led consulting engagements with several fortune 500 companies, including: Walmart, Chevron, Merck, Disney, Sysco, Bayer and several others.

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